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My Latest Jobs

I really needed work to come in to pay some hurrah!

A few weeks ago I received word through the grapevine (thanks, S.A.Y.!) that someone was looking for help on writing a book. I contacted the gentleman, and we met for lunch at the beautiful Oak Hill Country Club with another fellow writer, Bob Hesselberth, who I knew would be a strong influence.

First of all, can I say what a lovely venue this place was? It's on a large strip of green and along the road, golf carts pepper the lawn. The building was a beautiful mansion, large steps led to the front door. Inside, photographs of golfers adorned the walls, and gorgeous cabinets stored golf clubs used by well-known participants of the sport. I was smitten with the place, even as I parked my 2004 Toyota Corolla between a shiny new Lexus and a spotless Ford Lariat. Luckily, my car doesn't get jealous. After all, I'd make bets they don't have a tape player.

I met with my new client and discussed the scope of his vision. But he was not a creative writer, so Bob mentioned that perhaps I could ghostwrite this man's memoir for him.

Now, I have been asked to ghostwrite before, but only fiction. I wouldn't have written someone's fiction novel for them, because I'm a good writer and when I write anything of quality, I want the credit. However, a memoir was different. I wouldn't be creating characters or subplots. I would merely rewrite this client's stories to make them stronger and more engaging to readers.

I gave him my usual price (later Bob said I should have asked for more, ha ha. But I try to be very fair to everyone), and he said it wouldn't be a problem. He needed this book to be written. And indeed, his stories are fascinating. So I'm excited to say I am now employed as a ghostwriter.

I also secured two other jobs, but more on that later. I have a book to work on.

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