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2024 Goals

GOALS: It's important to have goals. I think we like creating them at the beginning of a year because it feels so gosh-darn fresh. As if the day before wasn't just an ordinary day, but the Last Day of Doing Everything Wrong.

It's super-psychological, isn't it? Because, you know, we can make new rules for ourselves on June 12, September 23...whatever day we feel like reinventing our priorities. But somehow, starting on Day One of a new year feels better. Like, maybe we'll actually stick to it. June 12 is any ol' day, but January 1? It's a fresh start, baby!

That said, I have made myself a list. I'm starting it today...December 31. Because it's a Sunday. It feels ever more like a Fresh Start because it's also the beginning of a new week.

On my list, for those who identify with this whole "make new goals at the start of the year" thing, is my new schedule. Which is this:

  1. Add five articles of clothing to sell on Poshmark every week.

  2. Wednesdays - teach my writing class

  3. Sun, Tues, Thurs exercise at gym or on treadmill (must clean off treadmill at home)

  4. Monday and Wednesdays I am not working - Zumba at the gym

  5. Sunday - record YouTube videos

  6. Record what I am eating and stop eating foods with added sugars.

  7. Writing Days: Saturday, Sunday, Monday and any other day I can squeeze it in

  8. Do art as inspired or before days I will be in shows

  9. Complete editing my three novels

  10. Submit novels to five agents a week

  11. Complete my screenplays and pilots

  12. Submit to five agents/producers per week when completed

  13. Start a monthly newsletter

This sounds a lot like my past goals of which I have only managed #2, #4, and #8.

I want to lose 10-15 pounds. I want to stop feeling tired and achy. I want to stop being so nice. Life as a doormat is unpleasant.

I also want to make some decent money this year because it would sure be nice to retire someday.

I also plan to post more updates on my site. And invite people to join my monthly newsletter.

By the way, this is all while holding down my full-time job and taking care of my younger teen (and cleaning up after my older teen and his friends. Sigh). We'll revisit and re-evaluate these goals in June. Maybe even June 12. Why not make that day important, too?

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