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Books by K.G. Wehner

The Miss-Adventures of Amy & Tracy

It’s October 1958. Eleven-year-old Amy wakes from a nightmare with the constant sound of pounding drums in her head. Her cousin Tracy hears them, too. They are the only ones who can. When famed scientist Dr. Sven Von Thistle arrives on the evening of their mothers’ annual gala, the drumming mysteriously stops. There’s something sinister about the mystery potion Dr. Von Thistle carries in his trench coat pocket. Amy fears he wants to kidnap them. Tracy thinks she’s making a big deal out of nothing. What would a famous scientist want with ordinary ol’ them? But Amy and Tracy are anything but ordinary. The girls are gifted with special skills, including higher-than-average intelligence, and they can read each other’s minds. Amy’s nightmare seems to be coming true after all. Can they escape the evil scientist once and for all, or might they be trapped in different time periods separated from each other forever?

Dr. Von Thistle's Curious Concoction Cov

Theodore Evans' Big-Time Wish Problem 

Book Two: Math and Mayhem

Math isn’t Ted Evans’ favorite subject. So when a big upcoming math test rears its ugly head, Ted asks his genie Akabella to grant him the ability to score ‘A’s on every test he takes from now on. Unfortunately, Akabella is still in-training to be any good at her craft, so her creative problem-solving puts Ted in hot water. But Ted has a few creative ideas himself and discovers ways to save him and his friend from mathematical doom.

Book One: Beast of Burden

After Ted Evans' father leaves for a six-month military stint, Pop Chewy gives him an old, tattered lamp to keep him company. Ted discovers the lamp holds a young genie his age who offers to grant him wishes. When his friend Lenny stops over, Ted inadvertently makes two wishes that leaves him as a social outcast and places Lenny's life in jeopardy. If Ted makes the wish he really wants—for his father to safely come home in six months—he will have used his last wish and he won't be able to undo his other two wishes. What's a wish-waster to do?


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