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March Projects

Let's start getting organized!

You know what writers are really good at doing? Making lists!

That's right. We are list pros. We have grocery lists, to-do lists, budget's endless. And the ironic part of it? We lose these lists somewhere in our piles of papers on our desk and end up making new lists. But know what? It doesn't bother us because we love writing lists.

You know I'm right.

You're probably staring at the list you made this morning. And chuckling. Because as writers, it's necessary to stay organized. We're our own bosses. We don't have someone looming over us saying, "Here are the five projects you need to complete by five P.M." Unless, of course, you do have a boss. But even then you'll need to make a list to check off as you complete the projects. Because that feeling of accomplishment feels like that first breath of Spring air. And making that little checkmark or "x" to mark off what's been done is the sweet robin's song.

So I'm making my list. Let's see what I can check off this month.

1) Finish the Pilot episode of the sitcom I'm writing with Dave Sanchez.

2) Finish the second episode of the sitcom I'm writing with Dave Ennocenti.

3) Help Dave Scheg with his Wordpress site and get it up and running.

4) Write another post on Revision 411.

5) Write a post about the Coronavirus on Amateur Food Detective site.

6) Work on my next novel...which one should it be??? (working titles of the partially written novels noted below)

- Roll of the Die

- Caged Bird Singing

- You Again

- The Schofield Incident

- Roses Among the Marigolds

That's my main checklist. Also, I'll be working on a book fair with Kirsten Wheelock. Possibly preparing for a discussion on writing at one of the libraries (through LCRW). I should put together a writing course for online students.

More practical things to accomplish:

1) Work on real estate course

2) Send out more resumes

3) Try to find clients

See? Lists are fun!

And they also help you procrastinate doing the things that are listed in the...uh...list. And so is posting about writing lists. And...well, I should be making dinner now. That is one item on my list that will definitely be checked off within the hour. Hooray!

Is that Spring I'm smelling?

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