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Where Am I?

For those of you concerned with where I've been, and what I've been doing...

Hi there. Remember me? Kim, aka K.L.Gore?

Yeah, well, I needed money. So the U of R hired me to paint dorm rooms and mechanical room floors. Although it was just a seasonal job, they extended it for two extra months. The pay was great. The job wasn't hard. I woke up at 4:30 am so I could have time to drive there and park my car, then walk to the office where I scanned in my badge. I was done with work at 2:30 and could get home in time to feed the kids and run errands. And take naps, which I desperately needed. But then I started to wake up in horrible pain every morning. My fingers curled and locked into place. I had to manually pry open my hands. Crack, crack. Diagnosis: A case of Tennis Elbow and two cases of Trigger Finger. I left the job, despite how much I enjoyed it and loved the money. If I couldn't move my arm and fingers, how could I continue working on my writing and art careers? Or keep up with basic house chores?

Okay, maybe I'm not as concerned about the household chore part of it. I'm not exactly famous for keeping an immaculate home. But, I do like to have the choice of creating a tidy place to dwell. Pain issues? Takes away my choice, gosh darn it!

So this week I decided to run off to the local Barnes and Noble and get some writing done! Two hours later, my mom wanted to take me to lunch, and although I tried to talk her into doing it another day, one where I hadn't made headway on my writing after months of creating nothing, she insisted. And if you know my mom, you can't tell her no. Especially when she is doing something nice for you, like buying you lunch for a birthday you were hoping would pass without significance. Why do mothers always remember their kids' birthdays??? Arghhhh. So, that was the end of my attempt to return to writing. Seriously, it's like dieting. One fall from the wagon, and the scramble to get back up is real.

Anyhow, next week I will try it again. I would have this week, except I had my wisdom tooth out on Monday and G**D**** if my mouth doesn't look like I've packed twenty acorns into my cheek. And it hurts like a thousand rubber bands wound around my gums. I find that when I'm in pain, my fiction tends to sink into the realm of torture. If I must suffer, so should everyone else! Die, protagonist! Die!!!!

Ahem. So, as you can clearly see, the writing is on hold a tad bit longer. As I rest my elbow, my fingers, my toothless, fiery red gum. But on a happy note (which I'm trying to muster up through the searing agony of my frail body), Roll of the Die is near completion. Just in time to send off to agents while a somewhat similar themed Squid Games series climbs up the popularity chart on Netflix. Once again, Everyone will think I copied another person's idea. Sigh. C'est la vie.

But let's at least try. Because if there is one thing Kim aka K.L.Gore does well, it's persevere!

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