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Things Are Picking Up, and then Coronavirus Pandemic

So much for my March Endeavors

Here are the things I am concerned about personally. First off, my mutual funds and the kids' college funds that are in a specific fund took a nosedive. This means, if I need to take out money from my stocks, I will be taking it out at a huge loss. Second, I might not be able to continue going in to my job at Ulta, which is part-time anyhow, but helped me financially. It's at the Greece Ridge Mall, and the town of Greece, NY is where the Coronavirus outbreak is gaining legs. Third, I finally have a bite on a project I've been working on...Worst. Timing. Ever.

See, the script I'm co-writing with David Ennocenti has been sent off. I signed with Savvy Literary Services, and the CEO sent out our script to Lisa Brando, and supposedly Don Most will have a look at it as well. Crossing fingers and toes that they will want to make a go of it HOWEVER...

Now we are all on a quarantine of sorts. For me, this means schooling my kids and making sure they get exercise and work their brains here and there. This also means less time devoted to my writing and my Real Estate Licensing course. I know, I could be so much worse. I get that. But it sure seems like as soon as I take a step to make my life better, something out of my control happens. I'm pretty sure a lesson is to be had in this somewhere. I'll keep looking for it. Meantime, thankfully, my friend Dave Scheg paid me for work I did on his website. Every little bit helps.

In light of this pandemic that grows worse every day (and is just starting to affect the area in which I live), I will be opening up my business to include teaching. Stay tuned for more excitement.

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