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Lonely Man

So...I have been painting again. And it makes me so happy. I've been inspired by Michelle Sullivan, Anthony Caruso, and Dean Grasso. Also, my mom who keeps telling me I should try to sell my paintings. So, you're probably curious to know...what is "Lonely Man" about?

Every now and then I give my friends challenges to help motivate them and me. I've done this with writing friends, so I thought maybe I might do the same with my art friends. So, I reached out to Dean and proposed me paint the same theme, then vote on whose art worked better. I told him to choose the first subject, and he said he'd wanted to do a painting based on "lonely man." Okay, I could do that. So, I spent the next few hours painting. I found a photo on Pinterest that I thought worked, then I added my own spin to it with colors that I thought fit the emotion of what I was going for.

Very happy with it. Not perfect by any means, but I haven't painted a person in acrylics in over ten years, so I really thought I did a decent job. Dean also created an amazing painting, completely different from mine. I love how artists have their own interpretations of subject matter. I felt we definitely tied in this spirited competition.

Dean's painting:

I'm looking forward to creating more art. I'll be putting them up on my art page soon.

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