I'm Perfect For the Job...Really!

So I applied for a job I would absolutely LOVE to have: creating advertisement copy for a company that works with clients in the health and wellness field. Those who know me understand how interested I am in exercise and nutrition. And how much I love to write sparkling, intriguing sales material. Do I have enough experience? Maybe not compared to people who've been working in the field continuously for several years now. However, I can bring fresh, innovative ideas to the table in part because I'm not an old, seasoned soul set in her ways.

Yeah! I'm a shooting star!

Let's discuss my creative background, shall we?

Starting from childhood, I was a creator. An inventor of anything that delivered a message. I wrote my first play in grammar school. My sister and I acted it out for our relatives one Christmas. After that, I wrote many more for our family. Then, I went on to create books and magazines based on characters my sister and I made up...all before the age of twelve. I had various clubs kids could participate in...came up with games. Activities. Then I found I loved dancing and created dance routines for my sister and I to perform. I never had formal lessons, because we didn't have much money growing up. But I learned through books and television shows. My dad was in a band. So I created a band. Dad bought me a drum set. Guitar. Keyboard. I created music, invented lyrics, taught myself to play "good enough." And all through this time I drew pictures. Painted. I spent hours in my room being creative and not realizing this energy and passion I possessed would be the goal I ultimately pursued.

Now the other part...