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I'm Perfect For the Job...Really!

So I applied for a job I would absolutely LOVE to have: creating advertisement copy for a company that works with clients in the health and wellness field. Those who know me understand how interested I am in exercise and nutrition. And how much I love to write sparkling, intriguing sales material. Do I have enough experience? Maybe not compared to people who've been working in the field continuously for several years now. However, I can bring fresh, innovative ideas to the table in part because I'm not an old, seasoned soul set in her ways.

Yeah! I'm a shooting star!

Let's discuss my creative background, shall we?

Starting from childhood, I was a creator. An inventor of anything that delivered a message. I wrote my first play in grammar school. My sister and I acted it out for our relatives one Christmas. After that, I wrote many more for our family. Then, I went on to create books and magazines based on characters my sister and I made up...all before the age of twelve. I had various clubs kids could participate in...came up with games. Activities. Then I found I loved dancing and created dance routines for my sister and I to perform. I never had formal lessons, because we didn't have much money growing up. But I learned through books and television shows. My dad was in a band. So I created a band. Dad bought me a drum set. Guitar. Keyboard. I created music, invented lyrics, taught myself to play "good enough." And all through this time I drew pictures. Painted. I spent hours in my room being creative and not realizing this energy and passion I possessed would be the goal I ultimately pursued.

Now the other part...

But being creative and passionate aren't enough. Mentors are great. Wish I'd had one. Teachers? A rare find, especially back in the days before the Internet was born. Role models? Unless you count Tom Bailey of the Thompson Twins (whom I was in lovvvvve with), I had none. So everything was pretty much placed on my own two shoulders.

But...for driver's education, I sang my essay as a rap song. I created a puppet show with songs and music that I performed for school-aged kids. I wrote and produced a play that was performed at the college I attended. As an assistant manager in a retail store, I wrote the store's newsletter and created ways to engage the work staff to make the job more fun. I organized events that encouraged shoppers to attend. In other words, I found ways to be innovative in otherwise very uncreative fields.

But I never made enough money to support myself well.

What's more important: money or happiness?

My short answer: happiness. Which is why I don't want to find just any ol' job so I can survive. I did that for nearly twenty years and still had trouble making the rent and feeding myself. Whatever job I do take, I put my all into it. Which is why I tend to climb the ladder only to burn myself out. Because the jobs I end up taking are not careers for me. What I need is something that keeps my brain engaged. And also allows me moments where I can get up and move around because I have a HARD TIME sitting still! In fact, I'd love a job where I could also be a fitness instructor. Maybe get the whole office moving. Yoga. Pilates. Aerobics. Weights. So incorporating health and wellness into my work would be amazing!

So, to cap this off, I think I would be a perfect fit for that job. C'mon, employers! Bring me in for an interview. What have we got to lose?

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Cameron N
Cameron N
Oct 02, 2021

This was a lovely bloog post

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