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February 2020 Update

Yup. It's February. The month of love.

So, let's review what I have done for 2020 so far:

1) Started taking an online Real Estate Licensing course - I have been trying to instill in my older son that in order to be happy, we need to have obtainable goals. So, I am trying to role model that behavior.

2) Job - Still working at Ulta Beauty, wayyyy too early in the morning, stocking shelves and changing displays. Minimum wage, but it's something. I have put in resumes to many places, but not even getting an interview.

3) Shopaholic - The feeling of being helpless and bored comes with the negative side effect of shopping addiction. I'll have to write a blog post on this subject, because I think many people can relate to this. My problem with it is that not only is it wasting time I could be spending doing something productive, I don't have the financial means to continue this habit.

3) ARFID - Managed to get my teen medication that helps increase his appetite. I researched this a while back, and now it's finally happening. My kid has already gained over five pounds in less than two weeks. I'll create a separate update on this.

4) Writing project - Started a great sit-com idea with my friend Dave Sanchez. But dang if he and I are way too alike. We both started taking a real estate course and stuck our writing to the back burner. Seriously, sometimes I wonder if we're twins separated at birth. But then I remember I am MUCH better looking than he is. Hahaha. (I sure hope he reads this.)

5) Other Writing project - Also working on a 50s sitcom with my friend Dave Ennocenti. I think it's hysterical that I'm writing sitcoms. I took a sitcom writing course once and decided it wasn't my thing...but as long as I have someone else to help me out with plotting, I feel more confidant about it. My strength is not in plotting a story. It's in developing it through characterization and details. Thank goodness for people who can write plots!

6) Exercising! - This is been my greatest achievement of the year. Granted, it's not a new goal, it's been my life goal, but I have noticed my arms, legs, and abs becoming stronger. I look thinner. I have lost a little bit of weight (though that is not my main goal).

7) Preparing for my YouTube channel - I purchased lighting equipment, but the camera I'm using is not the best. Still, I set up an area in the basement (Lord, that basement is tiny) and my elder son and I practiced using the camera and it did not go well. But we will try again.

You are all caught up on me...but I have so much farther to go. February Goals: start my channel, find ways to make money, study for my Real Estate License, paint. Time's-a-tickin'.

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