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Book Promotions – Worth the Hype?

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

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Once upon a time there was a writer who wrote several books. She self-published them and waited for the sales to come in. They never did.

The end.

Okay, that’s not the end to my tale. (And yes, I was talking about myself.) Right now, once again, I am unemployed. I need to reek of honesty here, which really does stink, but you can listen to my tale on about my ups and downs in the working world.

Okay, back to my main subject matter: I stood at the edge of a great, big pool and stared into its depths. I envisioned what it would be like to jump in, despite my fear of water and the fact that the doggy paddle is my main means of staying afloat.

I then imagined remaining safely on the side, watching others enjoy their swim while all I could do was watch and shiver, the chlorine odor so strong, it threatened to nauseate me. Or maybe it was fear that made me sick to my stomach. At any rate, neither jumping in. nor standing back seemed like options I wanted to take. But by jumping in, I would learn a great deal. By standing aside, watching, I would learn nothing.

That is why, despite having very little money coming in and my marketing naivety, I decided to use a book promotion site to see if I could crank up my sales.

Someone cue the sound of biting nails.

I decided on using BookBuzz. I’d heard great things about them and they also sent me a “promotion special” via email. I’m a sucker for sales pitches. But what really spurred me into my decision was realizing I was quick to purchase a new outfit I didn’t need (With money I technically didn’t have), but I wasn’t willing to spend money on my career. Which really made no sense.

Buying something I could later wear or return was easy. Buying into a marketing ploy that may or may not work? Not so much.

I figured some of you reading this would like to know how it turns out and all the juicy details in-between. If you haven’t been following my blog, do so now to grab the upcoming details. And maybe, just maybe, my story’s ending will change.

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