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Almost September Which Means...

I will officially open for business.

I just ordered my business cards today. Next on my agenda is putting together contracts for my business. I've gone on-line and researched various contracts until I found one that suited my needs. Now it's up to me to "fill in the blanks" and prepare for any type of work that comes my way.

Meantime, I need to choose my next personal project. Good Lord, I have so many. I have a movie script that needs some love (and a synopsis/log-line), and that's probably first priority, since I have a contact. Then, I have a second book to add to my Miss-Adventures of Amy & Tracy's in the process of a rewrite. So that's another priority. But also, I need to finish formatting Save Me A Song, which I'd like to have on Amazon by October. (I can do this! Yes!)

Now I need to put myself on a schedule...any advice?

This is my first foray into "full-time writer" status (besides the technical writing I used to do for companies). Writing fiction on my own time is difficult because I'm not receiving a regular paycheck...or a paycheck at all. So what I do with my time determines my success as an author.

I do know that in the fall I will be starting my day at 6 am. That's what happens when one has school age children who can't seem to get themselves out of bed without a prodding parent obnoxiously threatening them with a long walk to school if they miss the school bus.

In the meantime...if you have a manuscript you've been thinking of #writing, or one collecting dust in your attic that you'd like to complete, contact me starting September 1st for my coaching/consulting/editing rates. And watch here for a promotion special coming your way soon.

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